work [wʉrk]
[ME werk < OE weorc, akin to Ger werk < IE base * werĝ-, to do, act > Gr ergon (for * wergon), action, work, organon, tool, instrument]
1. physical or mental effort exerted to do or make something; purposeful activity; labor; toil
2. employment at a job or in a position
3. occupation, profession, business, trade, craft, etc.
a) something one is making, doing, or acting upon, esp. as part of one's occupation or duty; task; undertaking [to bring work home from the office]
b) the amount of this [a day's work]
5. something that has been made or done; result of a specific kind of activity or way of working [to have dental work done, skillful brushwork]; specif.,
a) an act; deed usually used in pl. [a person of good works]
b) [pl.] collected writings [the works of Poe]
c) [pl.] engineering structures, as bridges, dams, docks, etc.
d) a fortification
e) needlework; embroidery
6. material that is being or is to be processed, as in a machine tool, in some state of manufacture
7. [pl., with sing. v.] a place where work is done, as a factory, public utility plant, etc.: often in combination [steelworks, gasworks]
8. manner, style, quality, rate, etc. of working; workmanship
9. foam due to fermentation, as in cider
10. the action of, or effect produced by, natural forces
11. Mech. the product of force and the amount of displacement in the direction of that force: it is the means by which energy is transferred from one object or system to another: abbrev. W
12. [pl.] Theol. acts done in compliance with religious laws or duties or aimed at fulfilling religious ideals
of, for, or used in work
worked, working [OE wyrcan, wercan]
1. to exert oneself in order to do or make something; do work; labor; toil
2. to be employed
a) to perform its required or expected function; operate or act as specified
b) to operate effectively; be effectual [a makeshift arrangement that works]
4. to undergo fermentation
5. to produce results or exert an influence [let it work in their minds]
6. to be manipulated, kneaded, etc. [putty that works easily]
7. to move, proceed, etc. slowly and with or as with difficulty
8. to move, twitch, etc. as from agitation [his face worked with emotion]
9. to change into a specified condition, as by repeated movement [the door worked loose]
10. Naut. to strain, as in a storm, so that the fastenings become slack: said of a ship
1. to cause; bring about; effect [an idea that worked harm]
2. to mold; shape; form [to work silver]
3. to sew, embroider, etc. [to work a sampler]
4. to solve (a mathematical problem, puzzle, etc.)
5. to draw, paint, carve, etc. (a portrait or likeness)
6. to manipulate; knead [to work dough]
7. to bring into a specified condition, as by movement back and forth [to work a nail loose]
8. to cultivate (soil)
9. to cause to function; operate; manage; use [to work a pump]
10. to cause fermentation in
11. to cause to work [to work a crew hard]
12. to influence; persuade [to work someone around to one's way of thinking]
13. to make (one's way, passage, etc.) by work or effort
14. to provoke; rouse; excite [to work oneself into a rage]
15. to carry on activity in, along, etc.; cover [a salesman working his territory]
16. Informal to make use of, esp. by artful contriving [to work one's connections ]
17. Informal to use one's influence, charm, etc. on (a person) to gain some profit or advantage
18. Slang to move through (a crowd or room) greeting people, shaking hands, etc.: said esp. of a politician
at work
1. working or engaged in work
2. operating [unseen forces were at work on the economy]
☆ get the works
Slang to be the victim of extreme measures
☆ give someone the works Slang
1. to murder someone
2. to subject someone to an ordeal, either maliciously or jokingly
in the works
Informal in the process of being planned or donemake short ( or quick) work of
make short work of or make quick work of
to deal with or dispose of quickly
out of work
without a job; unemployed
☆ shoot the works Slang
1. to risk everything on one chance or play
2. to make a supreme effort or attempt
the works
1. the working parts or mechanism (of a watch, clock, etc.)
2. Informal
a) all possible accessories, extras, etc.
b) everything that can be included: usually the whole works
work in
1. to introduce or insert
2. to be introduced or inserted
work off
1. to get rid of or dissipate, as by exertion
2. to pay (a debt or obligation) by work rather than with moneywork on ( or upon)
work on or work upon
1. to influence
2. to try to persuade
work out
1. to make its way out, as from being embedded
2. to exhaust (a mine, etc.)
3. WORK OFF (sense 2)
4. to bring about by work; accomplish
5. to solve
6. to calculate
7. to result in some way [things did not work out as planned]
8. to add up to a total (at a specified amount)
9. to develop; elaborate
10. to put into practice
11. to engage in a training session or program for physical fitness or athletic skill
work over
1. to work or do again
2. Informal to subject to harsh or cruel treatment, as by beating, torture, etc.
work up
1. to make one's (or its) way up; advance; rise
2. to manipulate, mix, etc. into a specified object or shape
3. to develop; elaborate
4. to acquire knowledge of or skill at
5. to arouse; excite
6. Slang to bring about or cause (a sweat) by vigorous activity

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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